More Power To You

Power supplies in today's electronics mostly use architectures which haven't been changed for decades. These power supplies haven't been able to catch-up with the rapidly changing needs of the today's electronics including extensive processing power needs for AI cores, dynamic demand tracking power supplies for high efficiency and cooler temperatures, ultra small and thin profile power supplies for integrated power supplies / 3D and wafer on wafer packaging.

SiBreeze Technologies ground breaking patented SLIM SWITCHER™ and BEST SWITCHER™ Technologies feature

  • 10X smaller passive components - enabling 3D packaging/integration of power supplies with the power hungry AI cores, resulting in a significantly reduced voltage dips on the core supply voltages and enabling faster clocking
  • 10X smaller passives enable finer partitioning of the supply rails, resulting in optimized power supply rails for speed, efficiency and low leakage of the SOC/Processor
  • 10X smaller inductor value than other solutions running at the same switching frequency - Turbo fast response resulting in reduced power supply dips
  • 5X bandwidth at a given switching frequency - Efficient Dynamic Power-on-Demand for increased energy efficiency and reduced voltage dips on the core supplies
  • Better dynamic response, noise and efficiency than a four inductor, four phase power supply with just a single 10X smaller inductor - Multi-rail power supplies for increased efficiency, ultra small volume and reduced Bill-Of-Materials
  • 10X smaller inductor DCR - Significantly decreased inductor temperature rise and 3X inductor current capability for a given volume, enabling higher currents and cooler die temperatures

SiBreeze Technologies enables Super Efficient, Turbo Fast, Ultra Small Power Supplies providing an ultimate power experience to the end user